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Patton Oswalt: “I stole a Joke. Not consciously.”


In a recent blog post about joke-thieving, I posted that Howie Mandel allegedly caught a comedian named Greg Wilson “stealing” a joke on America’s Got Talent.

It generated a lot of comments; some agreeing, some disagreeing with my post, some attacked, some complimented. Some people sent private emails to avoid getting into it in the comment thread.

The piece was written in a heightened way to draw attention to a dilemma we always face as writers and comedians; intellectual property theft.

Whether it’s a joke or a movie script or a television pilot idea, I’ve experienced it personally at several levels. And I expect to experience it more.

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The Plight of the Mainstream Black Comedian:

Fallacy, Fame and Famine

By The Condo Comic on March 20, 2013

Reprinted from Stagetime Magazine

I am not an urban act – I am a black comedian.

Years ago when I began in standup, I was encouraged to adhere to a certain decree: write funny and stay away from racial humor. Presumably, if you abided by these principles your place in the pecking order of the national comedy scene would be made easier. There were other prerequisites required to assume a position as a working headliner: have a solid hour of funny material, collect a few TV credits and don’t piss people off. However, within the hundreds of open mics I’ve suffered, the year I spent as an opener, the accolades I received as a feature, my 10-plus year headlining career, and my dozen or so TV credits, nobody told me to only expect headliner consistency if I was popular enough to draw black people to my show.

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Great Piece by Matt Ward of the Quit Your Day Job Comedy Tour

The #1 question I get asked by comics and people that know I left my corporate job behind to start doing comedy full-time is this "How did you quit your job and start doing comedy?" Please note I will not address anything about writing or preparing your comedy for quitting in this blog.

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Addicted to Comedy: 

Create a Comedy Writing Group


I received numerous inquires about how to start a comedy writing group, so I thought it would be a good topic to discuss. While this blueprint may not be the perfect solution for everyone, it seems to work for The Washington DC Comedy Writers Group. There was a lot of trial and error during our infancy stages, because we didn’t have a template to work from. We had no idea what to expect when we started, but the goals were:

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Featured on Stage Time Magazine

Dobie Maxell has written a couple of new pieces and we have them on, Talking Comedy with Dobie Maxwell

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Encouraging Words From A Female Comedianne To Other Female Comediannes That are New To Comedy

Submitted By - Miss Q (Kansas City)

During your career it may feel as though you are working twice as hard to be respected and successful. Ladies you need to keep your confidence, ambition and determination. It is importance to respect yourself first and to lose that stereotype that women cant stick together. It is a tough business but there is enough room for us all males and females. 


To Podcast or Not to Podcast?

What do I get out of it?

Article by Dave Nelson of Comedy A-Go-Go

It has been a long time since I have posted, but sometimes I don’t know what to write mixed in with the responsibilities of everyday life. When asked if I had anything new I had to really think about it. Putting together a podcast is not that difficult it is the learning curve that is tough. I have been doing my podcast for a while and I don’t have the biggest audience, but I have an audience for it. I get asked what does it take to put a podcast together and I am happy to tell them what equipment and software I use and where I host my podcast. That is the easy part, but no one ever asks why I do a podcast? That is the question podcasters need to ask themselves.


What do you want to get out of your podcast? You can look it in the iTunes and see there are podcasts with 1 to 6 episodes it is a graveyard of them. On paper doing a podcast sounds fun, but just like stand-up it is time consuming, needs to be a passion, and takes work. It is not a fast ticket to stardom, it is not going to bring a rush of people out to your shows, and it is not going to make you money. Unless, you are a known commodity such as Marc Maron, Chris Hardwick, or Jimmy Pardo these are people who have established themselves and have a fan base. I have heard the “why them, why not me” cry from many an open micer and online forums. The easy answer is you need to put in the work. I do my podcast, because it is something I enjoy. Has it opened up opportunities for me?  Yes! But that is because I work on it. Just like my stand-up I am never happy with it, I want to improve it. I would love to be on iTunes top podcast list or even mentioned by the AV Club, but that is not why I do my podcast.


So ask yourself why do you want to do a podcast? 

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Addicted To Comedy: Would You Risk Your Job For Comedy?

By  on August 13, 2013

Reading the biographies of comedians who struggled during their early days on the road to success inspires me deeply. I continue to study the careers of comics from all generations, because each of them faced difficult obstacles and discovered ways to overcome them. Learning from their mistakes helps prevent me from duplicating their errors. Gone are the days when comedians were required to submit bulky VHS tapes or DVDs with their headshots and bio to bookers and comedy clubs for potential gigs.

Can you imagine the costs involved to mail that stuff to various booking agents and promoters? The digital era allows us to produce quality EPKs at a fraction of that cost. Using the internet and tools like Skype eliminated the need to pay for long distance calls and expensive postal costs. This is a huge advantage to comedians who are beginning their careers, and probably aren’t getting paid much.

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How To Be A Comedian 

Who Succeeds... 

July 29, 2011

Did you know that more than 3 million people a month search Google in an attempt to figure out how to be a comedian?

But while millions of people want to become a comedian, significantly fewer understand what it takes to actually become a successful comedian


That’s why I’ve put together the following list of 50 things that will help you figure out How To Be A Comedian Who Succeeds

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“Road Comics,” 

a documentary that looks at headliners in the middle

Flip Wilson 

- One of Comedy's Greatest 

Highlights from Louis C.K,'s

 Reddit AMA Today

by  | April 11th, 2013

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Louis C.K. did a question-and-answer session over at Reddit today to promote his new stand-up special, Louis C.K.: Oh My God, which premieres on HBO this Saturday, April 13th, at 10pm. Given how difficult Reddit AMAs are to digest sometimes, we've gathered up all the best answers from C.K.'s session today and posted them below. Enjoy:

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The 20 Most Popular Connected Comedy Articles Of 2012

There is a New Comedy Booking Agency!

A Comedy Booking Agency

Vernon E. Davis, II / Longhorn The Comedian in conjunction with Richard Elsenpeter (Elsenpeter Productions, 30+ years in the entertainment business) has launched a new joint venture in the comedy business, Laughter Has No Color Comedy Booking Agency.

The goal of Laughter Has No Color is to provide comedians for all occassion.  Their initial focus is the central part of the United States with anticipated growth across the country.

Vernon Davis is in charge of the providing the talents for the various venues, while Richard Elsenpeter is tasked with contractoual and marketing.  

With Vernon's knowledge of comedians and the comedy business, combined with Richard's 30+ in the enterainment industry, they believe that they can help fill a niche for specialized enteratinment and comedy, for anyone that is looking to provide comedy for their next event.

For more information, go to the website

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It’s often you hear people in the realty business answer the question, “What makes a property valuable?” with “Three things…. Location, location and location…”  In comedy the same repetitious mantra is present, but instead goes more like “How do I get better as a comedian?”  Answered with “Stage time, stage time, and more stage time…” This simply isn’t true. It’s MORE than just getting on stage.

Yes, stage time no doubt is the number one way to become better as a comedian. However, not everyone gets better because of increased or relentless performance.   Some are on stage over and over and over and over and don’t improve an ounce.  It’s bullshit and someone needs to tell these comics they are wasting their time.  Who am I directing this at???      Me.

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Documentary for Comics - 

"That's Not Funny"

Great Advice For New Comics 

From Bill Burr (Awesome Comic)

Need More Gigs? 

 Check Out Gig Salad

Check Out 

Standup Talks

StandupTalks, is a weekly interview show highlighting Atlanta comics discussing their insights and sharing some of their standup with us.

Did you know Boston has a Comedy Radio Station?  Check'em Out.

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Matt Ward's Blog


 Dealing With the Politics of Comedy 

Part 1 & 2

By Matt Ward

Comedy is hard. No one ever hides this fact if they have been doing it for years and you start asking them questions about starting to do it yourself.  In the last few years many of the comics I know that are a year or so ahead of me in the 'full-time comedian for a living' thing seem to be most devastated by one specific element of the business they were not entirely prepared for.  The politics.

Most funny people deep down are saddened when they have had to deal with office politics at their jobs.  They become even more saddened when they find out it is very much worse in the world of stand-up comedy. The following blog post is intended to enlighten new comics and people considering being comedians to some of the struggles you will face when the business of comedy starts to become political.  Wanna Read More?


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Comedy of Chicago 


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